Burn Season, Fit For Rivals, and other Special Guests

cast of Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

by Ora “Tre” Brasel
So to say “the best was saved for last” is too much of an understatement about the last show I was taking in within the span of a three-day period. At the start of the day I didn’t even actually plan on this being the show I would end up being at, but several little details throughout the day ended up convincing me that indeed this was a much better place to be. Despite the fact almost every parking space in the vicinity of the club was filled despite a hefty $10 fee, I still managed to persevere through all of these things to end up inside of Freebird Live for one of the most incredible displays of local talent I have seen in all my years of living and going to shows here.
Things didn’t take very long to launch this evening, as the first band to take the stage was Marion Crane, a dark, metal nightmare of a band that instantly lit things up nicely. With intensity they started shaking the audience apart from the very ignition of their set, and didn’t let go of our throats until they were at set’s end. It was really hard to believe that this band has only been a functioning unit for about a year now, because already it seemed as if they are ready for their own headlining events.
Next onto the stage was Penny for Your Thought who, despite announcing that they had a problem with a guitar amp head that almost kept them from playing, still brought plenty of damage. A sleek, refined musical killing machine consisting of the perfect balance of clear vocals and blood curdling screams put together alongside elegantly crafted soundscapes that fit the vocals like a glove. I kept thinking to myself that if this band isn’t even firing on all cylinders according to them then what a completely destructive entity they must be when they are at full force.
A moment to breathe finally came when Steven Drew Miller (of Bound), and his accompanying band stepped onto the stage to offer up a little bit of intimacy to the evening. Even though it was a departure from the heaviness dropped by the previous two acts, it still fit in perfectly with the night and added in something fresh that kept the night evolving further- a true hard rock alternative voice. Mr. Miller clearly has one of those voices that when you hear it you instantly think that you might be hearing it for a long time to come, and hopefully we will be.
Here at this point in the show I am already pretty damn amazed with just how incredible the show has been, and I am expecting a let down any minute. Well I truly couldn’t of ever been more wrong in all of my life. Fit for Rivals came to the stage, and I had begun to notice that there were lots of folks that have moved up closer for this act. I soon found out that this was for a very good reason indeed. Thankfully I was already up at the very front of the stage myself, because little did I know that this band was about to provoke a reaction in me I haven’t experienced from a live band in at least a decade. That reaction was one of complete and total elation forcing my body to contort into epileptic fits of sheer, unadulterated bliss.
Even as I watched them setting up right before my eyes, setting up little pedestals near the main microphone stand and watching the lead singer doing stretches to get her body limber, I still wasn’t able to gauge at all just what was about to unfold. Then the time to start came, and like a vicious slap across the face that makes you hot instead of angry it swept over me nearly instantly. I was hit with something equivalent to a nuclear explosion from the full on force of all five-band members’ intensity. A brutal assault on the senses ensued, and I was not alone in having my world completely and utterly torn apart from limb to limb. Everyone around me was also being completely devoured by this rabid music foaming ever so wildly at the mouth and we were all loving every minute of it. With each bite it was as if we requested to be bitten again, and even harder the next time. This sound of frantic punk energy was so fresh in performance and presentation that when it finally came to an end it was hard for those of us feeling the same feeling to accept that it was actually over.
Sadly we were now at the very last band of the evening, and though I was very worn out from all the previous excitement the night had provided I still had just enough in my tank to make it through the rest of the show. We had now approached the moment that the majority of the people in the building had been waiting for, that being the triumphant return of Burn Season, which had called it quits about two years back. As the lighting fixtures were being set up and each instrument was being carefully checked before the band made it’s way onto the stage, a growing sense of anticipation was starting to build amongst the crowd. Even though I didn’t have any previous knowledge of this band or their work, it was quite easy to tell that to everyone in the crowd this was a very big deal. I was pretty sure that if these guys had all of these other spectacular bands that wanted to open for them, they were certainly of a very high caliber themselves and would be sure to offer up just as good of a show if not better than those who had played earlier. The stage lights went off leaving only a red light upon the band’s logo, it was time for the show to begin.
The music for Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ began to blare from the sound system, and the crowd though being of a hard persuasion still didn’t resist in starting to get loose to it. Just moments later the members of Burn Season made their way from out of the dark and were met with cheers from their devoted fans. They started off their set with ‘Wasted’ and the crowd increased their intensity ten fold the second the first notes dropped. After the first song they seemed happy to see their fans and friends still there to offer support, and thanked everyone for coming out to do so. The crowd seemed to get even more frenzied for each song they played, as they busted out ‘Addicted,’ ‘Walk Away,’ ‘This Morning,’ ‘Boredom,’ ‘Closer,’ and a cover of the Filter song ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot.’ Next up was ‘Perfect,’ a song that the vocalist Damien Starkey mentioned people always tell him they had played at their weddings, and being a ballad in contrast to their generally much harder songs got a huge response from the females in attendance. After that they closed the set out with ‘Caution’ and ‘Falling,’ followed by one single song for an encore, ‘Revolution.’ After they finished the very last song, and the crowd continued to cheer them on, Starkey said “See you next time!” clearing up speculation as to whether or not this was just a one night only show. Even if it wasn’t a one night only show for Burn Season, it will go down as one of those rare magical nights when everything just fell into perfect place, and those don’t come around nearly often enough.