Mind Raft – Deradoorian

by Jack Diablo

Release Date: May 5, 2009 on Lovepump United
Mind Raft is the experimental solo project of Dirty Projector’s Angel Deradoorian. Recording under just her surname, this EP features freak-folk R&B from a mystical chanteuse with a truly enchanting voice. Whether it’s her dirge-like backing vocals to the trip-hop inspired and otherwise instrumental ‘Weed Jam’ or the full sampling of her vocal range on ‘You Carry the Deed,’ Deradoorian sets the mood for a quick chill-out or dimly lit smoking session. ‘High Road,’ with it’s dissonant staccato strings, begins dangerously close to a Swan Lake joint, but the deep bass drops scattered throughout set it uniquely apart. The song ‘Holding Pattern’ feels like exactly that, a low point for a debut EP that should strive to impress rather than take up space. But ‘Moon’ is redeeming indeed. Evoking a Medieval folk feel under the influence of some mild psychedelics, it rounds out the trippy, moody album but leaves the listener who has succumbed to the groove demanding complete satisfaction.
The album is an impressive first attempt but such a mood-setter could probably benefit from some extended interludes. Experimental music gives you that freedom and it seems almost criminal to neglect that fact. Nevertheless, one can expect great and inspiring things from Deradoorian in the future as her career develops.