Ancient City Crawfish Boil

by Morgan Henley
When describing the first annual Ancient City Crawfish Boil, I think G. Love said it best, “it’s pretty cool when you get to go surfing before a gig.” The location for the festival was perfect, set in the middle of beautiful St. Augustine, making a nice excuse to get out to the old city and enjoy some crawfish while listening to a full lineup of bands. On a bright sunny weekend the whole festival felt right as a great way to ease into summer.
The only way to escape the scorching sun was to grab a box of crawfish and start cracking crustaceans underneath the large tent provided. Even if small shellfish aren’t really your thing, there was plenty else to eat, including my personal favorite, fried alligator tail. Might I note, there were actually two stands that offered fried gator tail. After sampling both, I give both of them two thumbs up.
The highlight of the festival was Snoop Dogg’s appearance on Friday night. Nearly every song was a top 40 hit that the entire crowd knew and rapped right along. Repping a bedazzled Eazy-E shirt reminded the crowd not only does Snoop have the credit from being a product of rap pioneers NWA, he also can pull off almost any outfit. Super stylin’ SD.
The eclectic lineup of the festival attracted an equally diverse crowd. The only common thread amongst everyone was the desire to hang out, listen to some hot music and have a good time. Holding the festival in St. Augustine made it much more accessible for people in the St. Johns County area but didn’t seem too far to go for the many Jacksonville music lovers.
Overall, the festival seemed to be quite successful and I would expect to see something similar to it in the future.

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october, 2021