Terry Lorince, the executive director of Downtown Vision, recognizes that Downtown is Jacksonville’s hub of activity, but she knows that getting information to the populace is the key: “It is really happening down here, you just need to know where all the events and activities are.” We hope that with this guide to Downtown, you’ll gain the knowledge to know what to do and where to go in our city’s core.
While things go on Downtown year-round, this May is particularly thick with events. That’s why we’ve devoted this issue to Downtown. We’ve focused on the stuff to do this month, but we’ve also tried to hit the venues, nightspots and events you can go to year round.
A staggering 13 million people visit our Downtown area, for events at the T-U, Florida Theater, city sponsored events, Jags games, Suns baseball and more. Over 50,000 people work Downtown, but only about 3,000 live there. That’s why it can seem eerily deserted unless there’s an event. The amount of livable space and amenities keeps increasing. (Hence our section on Downtown rentals). Every year more events are centered Downtown, and every year more people live or play Downtown.
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october, 2021