renting downtown

One of the great things about living Downtown is that you’re at the center of everything. They also offer perks, like gym memberships, concierge services and even free wine tastings for residents at prices that compete with rentals in the rest of Jacksonville. If you’re lucky, you can even get a river view. Prices are fluctuating a bit because of the economy, so if you’re interested in living in one of the places mentioned here, give them a call. You might find you can afford it. by erin thursby

11 E. Forsyth
11 E. Forsyth St 358-6464
It’s all about urban living here, with hip concrete floors and high ceilings, all contained in the historic Chicago-style Lynch building, constructed during Jacksonville’s 1920s architectural boom. The sister to the Carling, it includes most of the same amenities.
Parking can be an issue, so theya provide one space for free with rental. If you have a second car they charge for the second one at a reasonable rate per month. But those that work Downtown might never use their car, since the place is just two blocks from the river and right in the middle of everything.
Floor plans are open and loft-like, so even their smallest apartment (585 square feet) will feel spacious. The plans go up to over 1,700 square feet, if you’re into penthouse living on their 17th floor. Though prices might change, the range is from about $800-2000 per month.
Both the Carling and 11 E. Forsyth hold complimentary wine tastings once a week to foster a sense of community and to say thank you to their residents. 11 E. holds theirs on the rooftop, so you’ll get quite a view as you sip.

The Carling
31 W. Adams St. 356-6400
Prices at the Carling range from about $800 to $1400. The square footage goes from a little under 500 to about 1,500. Wood floors are one of the selling features of this historic hotel-turned apartment building, as are the designer kitchens, upgraded appliances, clubhouse and 1,000 square foot on-site fitness center. The marble staircase is gorgeous. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve “arrived” if you live at the Carling. Plus, it’s right next door to Art from the Center, so if you’ve got an artistic bent, the art studio space is handy.

Metropolitan Loft Apartments
421 W. Church St. 358-2100
Their prices range from about $800-1120 per month which is pretty reasonable even without their free concierge service, as well as a membership to Gold’s Gym and free parking.
The word loft is in the name, so it’s right to expect that you’ll be renting one. Exposed beams, ventilation ducts and high ceilings are all part of the experience. Bedrooms have walls, but they don’t reach all the way to the ceiling and they don’t have doors. Most people put up door curtains if they want privacy. You can park for free in their lot, or you can pay extra to park in their below ground garage. It’s convenient because the elevators come up right to the lofts.

The Strand
1401 Riverplace Blvd. 306-9606
You might think that the Strand is part of San Marco. While it’s within walking distance, The Strand is actually part of the Downtown Southbank. As is bb’s and Tidbits, both of which are tasty incentives for living nearby. Perhaps their proximity to San Marco is the reason why they stress that they’re a luxury 28-story high-rise apartment tower. The massage therapist is not included, but she (or he) is on staff, so if you ever need one, they even have a massage room and a spa. Prices range from about $1,000-3000. Included are a 24 hour on-site concierge, a sauna, steam room, pool, and fitness center with all the latest equipment.

W.A. Knight Lofts
113 W. Adams St. 598-1368
If you like history and original brick along with loft living, these 1/1 lofts are for you. There are only a dozen of them, priced at from about $800-900 monthly. Square footage is from 695-895. They aren’t huge, but the ceilings are about 10 feet tall in the main rooms. Hardwood floors, a great staircase, restored tile and stacked washer/dryers are part of the package. Another selling point: you’re in the same building as Chew, one of the best eateries Downtown.