Riverboat Gamblers and Fake Problems

by Jack Diablo
The Lady St. Johns Riverboat became a rowdy party barge when the aptly named Riverboat Gamblers and Fake Problems played one of the most original shows I’ve seen in quite some time. The Volcom-sponsored concert set sail from the Southbank and cruised around the St. Johns River as we danced and rocked all night long.
The last time I was on the water I was still in the Navy so having the opportunity to party on a boat was a welcome change. And yes, I’m certain everyone in attendance made sure to reference either the SNL Digital Short, ‘I’m On A Boat’ or the Will Ferrel/John C. Reilly song, ‘Boats And Hoes’ from the movie Step Brothers at least once during the evening.
After boarding the riverboat it didn’t take long for the audience to throw their inhibitions overboard as we got the party started with DJ Triclops I on the upper deck. Soon, Fake Problems took the stage on the lower deck. Actually, it wasn’t a stage at all. They played their set right in front of the crowd, giving the performance that house show feel. I was really impressed at first with the way they integrated their indie/pop-punk with both a trumpet and a cello. However, I didn’t know what to think when I walked downstairs and heard them cover a Blink-182 song. Nevertheless, they got everyone moving and psyched-out for the rest of the show.
Riverboat Gamblers took us home and completely defied every preconception I had about them. Their name sounds like that of a rockabilly band, but they most certainly weren’t that. I suppose you would classify them as punk but they don’t really look like most punk bands either. Originally from Denton, TX they relocated to Austin a few years back but again, don’t sound like most of the bands that come out Austin. That being said, their set was a lot of fun. Vocalist, Mike Wiebe, took full advantage of the proximity of the crowd and his cordless microphone by wandering around the audience for most of the show. Everything was going great until some drunk meathead punched a hole in a ceiling tile much to the chagrin of the boat’s staff. Aside from a little scolding, the band didn’t miss a beat and afterwards the dance party upstairs raged on until we pulled back into port.
I sincerely hope someone sponsors another event like this one. It was a truly unique experience and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to mix things up a bit the next time it happens.

Riverboat Gamblers – http://www.theriverboatgamblers.com
Fake Problems – http://www.fakeproblems.com
DJ Triclops I – http://www.myspace.com/hiphophell
Lady St. Johns Riverboat – http://www.jaxrivercruises.com