vinyl phoenix

by erin thursby
Seems like everyone is into vinyl, vintage and otherwise. Some modern artists are even cutting their stuff on the old recording medium. Like a phoenix, Vinyl Frontier has been resurrected, rising from the ashes to form anew in a slightly different location, under a new name—Weird Wax (2128 Atlantic Blvd, 399-3004).
Vinyl records looked to be a thing of the past, like 8-track records. But sound purists maintain that the sound on vinyl is far richer, warmer and more complex than the sound on a CD. Some of these purists have founded bands, who want their work available on vinyl. Not only that, but because of the number of people downloading music, the demand for CDs have been drastically reduced. People will buy vinyl when they wouldn’t dream of buying a CD.
At Weird Wax you’ll find everything from vinyl Thriller and Billy Idol to Tiger Beat Teen Bands and new cuts from artists who like their sound on vinyl. You’ll find Weird Wax just off the I-95 Atlantic Blvd. exit, just off the exit before the Dollhouse and on the same side of the street. It’s very easy to pass, so be sure and keep a sharp eye out for it.
They also have a small place up front for bands to play and they hope to have artist exhibitions. (Contact Steve Parker, 399-3004 if you want to display art or if you’d like your band to play in their space.)
You can also catch them at the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival on Amelia Island in Fernandina, where they’ll be holding a vintage vinyl show on May 1-3 as part of the festivities there. They also have booths at two antique malls, Trailerpark Collectibles in Fernandina and the Tin City Antique Mall.
This month they have a number of events planned at the store, including an infintesmal records after party with child abuse (n.y.) , D.M.Waltz and telepathic friend on April 11th at 9 pm.