green design

by erin thursby
Green living can extend beyond recycling and keeping a garden into almost every area of your life, from the car you drive to the chair you sit in at home.
The First Coast Modern social group is dedicated to promoting modern and sustainable design. A number of different businesses and people in the area are not only devoted to modern-style design, but are also concerned with furniture and decor that comes from a renewable resource or helps keep energy cost down.
During March, the group relaunched by having a meeting in Five Points, hosted by Nest-Living. Shaan Batten, the owner of Nest-Living, told us the purpose of the group: “What First Coast Modern is trying to do is bring interest in the design aspect of modern architecture and interior design…and bring together like minds to socialize.”
Those who are interested in modern design, says Batten, aren’t just interested in things that last from green sources, they also want a home design that includes solar panels and other green features. Says Batten, “It’s done by people who are passionate about…good design.”
Nest-Living features plenty of organic, recycled or sustainable products for your green needs. “We have cushions that are made out of recycled plastics bottles that have been rescued from American landfills…A lot of [our]…fabrics and bedding are all-organic.” They also have bamboo wood furniture in sleek modern designs.
“The pieces that I sell are designed to last forever; they’re not designed for a two-year fix.” They aim to be timeless and chic, so that the pieces are more likely to be passed on than dumped in a landfill.
Jason McDonald from Sesco Lighting, provided refreshments for the evening. Sesco, according their website, works to “provide lighting solutions that will not only address quality illumination and cost, but also energy efficiency, good resource stewardship, environmental impact and sustainability.”
To learn more about First Coast Modern, head to or ask at Nest-Living (1020 Park St, 356- 5151) when the next meeting will be.