Late of the Pier and Juicy Pony

by Jack Diablo
Jack Rabbits was transformed into a fiery furnace of frivolity as Late of the Pier and Juicy Pony rocked the crowd with their infectious brand of indie electronic dance. The crowd may have been small, but the music filled the gaps and had everyone on their feet dancing feverishly.
Jacksonville locals Jesse and Rick form Juicy Pony and play danceable pop music designed to make you sweat. These talented musicians have only been playing together a few short months but their set is well-rehearsed and practically flawless. First seen at the All Is Art II show at the Ocean Club in Jacksonville Beach, the band has since played TSI and even took the stage at the Harvest of Hope Festival. They definitely have a recipe for success and seem fit to follow in the footsteps of other local acts making it big such as SUNBEARS! and Black Kids. As they seek to expand their fan-base with out-of-town gigs, be sure to keep an eye on Juicy Pony and catch their show so you can say you saw them before they blew up.
Late of the Pier kept the fire burning with thrashy synth-punk that made you want to dance and bang your head at the same time. With heavily distorted synthesizers and dissonant breakdowns, these Brits are not your little sister’s dance band. More akin to The Faint than MGMT, they used their synths to rock rather than be ironic. It’s music that makes you dance because you want to, not because you have to. Several members of the audience were rewarded with bottles of Yuengling for their superior skills on the dance floor. Vocally, the group was a mix between Bowie and Los Campesinos! infused with gravelly shouts and yells. Expecting just another synth-pop band, Late of the Pier was a pleasant and fun surprise on a Tuesday night.