celtic women

Enya and Lord of the Dance have helped thrust Celtic music into the limelight
and Celtic Women is helping to keep it there. The group has been dubbed “Riverdance for the voice” and the description is accurate. With a repertoire that ranges from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs, the talented quintet has wowed audiences around the world with their poise, sophistication and jaw-dropping talent.
Formed in 2004, Celtic Women first got attention in the US after one of their sold out Dublin performances aired on PBS. Within weeks the group’s eponymous debut album Celtic Woman reached #1 on Billboard’s World Music chart, eventually breaking a long-standing record by staying at #1 for 81 weeks. Since then, nearly everything these talented artists touch turns to gold. Their three subsequent albums have all done remarkably well and their live performances are hot tickets in which every city they happen to play in.
Celtic Women will be performing at the Times-Union Center on March 30th and 31st. Tickets for these shows range from $51 to $101 and can be purchased through the FCCJ Artist Series site at artistseries.fccj.org. Times-Union Center: Moran Theater, 632-3373