The Gathering Dinner Theatre

What happens when you combine a Canadian from the hospitality industry, a Cuban/Scandinavian chef and a ballerina? You get the ultimate gathering.
With a motto of, “Family, Friends, Food and Fun” you know it’s the beginning of something good. Owners Bryce and Tammy Perry also own a daycare next door. It’s no wonder that their productions will be family friendly. “We really want to promote theatre and open it to young eyes and ears without the worry that something will be said or done in an inappropriate way,” says Bryce. He also mentioned that the productions aren’t specifically geared towards younger audiences, just that they’re “family safe.”
Jacksonville’s Gathering Dinner Theatre will officially open its doors on February 6, for it’s Clean Comedy night. Every first Friday of the month they’re flying in top comedians from New York and Los Angeles for a gut-splitting howl of a good time. Then February 12th kicks off The Fantasticks which is the world’s longest running musical. It will run for seven weeks.
Bryce’s plan is to have a 200 seat intimate dining and entertaining experience. Servers will be dressed in theme with whatever production they’re currently running. The menu will also be built around the theme. Chef Arne (pronounced Arn) Nordquist was formerly the executive chef for Hilton Hotels. Chef says, “I want people to come out of here saying, it was a good meal, I’m full and I got my money’s worth.” Entrees will have variety and will rotate the menu quite often.
There are plenty of exciting shows coming to Jacksonville by way of The Gathering Dinner Theatre. For more information and ticket sales, visit or call 904-638-8412.


april, 2022