by erin thursby
Gift baskets are the ultimate easy solution when you’re stuck. Unfortunately, most gift baskets are sort of, well, girlie. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own or go online to get a manly basket. Because manly baskets are out there…

the beer basket
You can search for beer baskets in google or go to I think making your own up would be fun if you have the time. Throw in at least two beers, or you can head to a specialty store and buy different types of beer for him to sample. Toss in some junk food or the kinds of things he’d snack on while watching sports and perhaps his favorite candy bar. If he really loves you, maybe throw in a picture of yourself in a small frame. It’s always nice to be associated with beer.

the hobby basket
Most guys have a hobby. It could be fishing or golf, riding their hog, smokin’ a stogie or even swilling wine. Whatever it is, you’ve got yourself a theme for your basket. Head to for some of these baskets.
If your honey loves his vehicle, then you might want to get specialty cleaners and soft, soft cloths as well as any car knickknacks he would like.

the gift card
I bet you’re thinking, oooh, a basket full of gift cards-that would be awesome, but expensive. I just want to express that putting a gift card into a guy’s holiday basket is actually kind of great.
The basket, especially if it’s clear that you went to the trouble of putting his favorite candy in, will tell him that you put some thought into the gift. However, guys can be really precise about their hobbies. If you don’t know anything about fishing lures and you give him a brand you didn’t know he had boycotted long ago, well, at least he has the gift card, which should be to a store you know he shops in.

screw the theme, this is personal
Maybe you started with a theme, but you realized except for one damn thing, he has everything he needs for that particular hobby. Ok. No need to panic, breathe slowly into the paper bag. Just make it personal. Toss in all the stuff he likes. Here’s a list of things you can put in your dude’s basket:
Favorite beer
Favorite candy
A USB Gadget (see the next piece below for suggestions)
A fun book, perhaps from the Worst Case Scenario series (generally a winner if he doesn’t already own it)
Cologne (only if you know he likes it and is running low)
Grill accoutrements (if he has a grill and likes cooking on it)
Stuff from his favorite sports team

basket fillers
Candy, nuts, holiday cheese, coffee and other such fun bits can serve to fill out any hobby basket. Otherwise, choose some paper in a manly color to toss in the bottom.

I want to leave you with the most important thing to remember about filling a man’s holiday gift basket: Don’t get him stuff you wish he had, like a nail file, get him stuff he’d want. If you can’t resist, make it only one item, and make sure it’s not the central or the most expensive one.