Rock for the Rescue

During the holiday season most people are, aside from looking for the perfect Christmas gifts, seeking ways to give back to their fellow man and their community. The Murray Hill Theatre is giving you a chance to do just that this month with their Rock for the Rescue benefit show.
The City Rescue Mission has been helping rebuild the lives of homeless and needy men and women since 1946. The faith-based program gets people “off the street and back on [their] feet” by way of shelters, food and education. They show people who have lost everything, including hope, how to restore their lives and go back to caring for themselves and their families. This program is an important one to our community and, as with all non-profits, it takes help from people like you to continue doing their good work. The benefit concert at the Murray Hill Theatre on December 12th is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that.
Local superstars The Sophomore Attempt, Matlock, Patrick Bass, Polaroid and Coming the Fall will all perform at this terrific concert for a terrific cause. Tickets are just $10, a small price to pay for a chance to make a huge difference. For more information, call the Murray Hill Theatre at 388-3179.