The Jock

by Tom Weppel

It scares me, actually, to think how Jaguar fans are feeling or acting as we all prepare for this Sundays’ game downtown against the Vikings. The Jags are essentially lame ducks at 4-6 for the playoffs. They are 1-4 at home this season, which sucks, to be frank. The team lacks many positive aspects, from the personnel to the coaching to attitudes, to whatever.
And you know what (as Paul Spicer says constantly)? Its simply a damn shame, considering there was a time in the early 90’s when this town was absolutely DYING for an NFL team…willing to anything and everything to see an NFL game played in the Gator Bowl!
But times have changed, as have perspectives, attitudes…and overall, life. Football fans in this town are accustomed to seeing their local college team have winning season every single year. And so they expect the same thing from the Jaguars as well. But that’s not the way things work in the NFL, as opposed to things at Florida, Florida St., and Georgia.
At this time last year, we were all so excited with the Jags, as they were giving us great football and winning performances. This year, it simply isn’t there. While it is still possible Jacksonville can sneak into the playoffs, the chances are remote.
So, on Sunday, the boys are here in town to play Minnesota. The 5-5 Vikings are a tough outfit, playing in a Conference that is quite competitive, considering they share the same record with the Bears and Packers. Minnesota has a strong feature RB in Adrian Peterson and a decent passing attack, while also playing solid Defense. They will be a tough outfit to beat, especially for a team like the Jags.

There aren’t many that expected the Dolphins to be 6-4 at this time of the year, considering their play at this time last season. But Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells have a good group of guys that have done okay for themselves. This weekend they host the Patriots. If they are able to defeat New England, they could be in a prime position for a playoff spot. Should be a good game…
Meanwhile, the Jets will go to Nashville to face the 10-0 Titans. Some feel New York can go in and give Tennessee a tough time. If Brett Favre and is band of New Yorkers can upset the Titans, they would establish themselves, no question.
Out West, the Cardinals are showing they can win games. Kurt Warner is throwing to Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and Steve Breaston, and their play is reminding me a lot of the San Diego Chargers passing attack back in the 80’s, with QB Dan Fouts, WR John Jefferson, and company. Arizona will host the Giants on Sunday. It should be a fun game to watch…

This weekend there will be games with meaning and importance, for sure.
In Norman, Oklahoma, the Sooners will host the undefeated Texas Tech Red Raiders. Texas Tech has beaten Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma St., but this one is gonna be tough, for sure. OU is favored to win. We shall see…
In Columbus, Ohio, the Buckeyes will host the downtrodden Michigan Wolverines, who have had a horrible season. At 3-8 Rich Rodiguez hasn’t done nearly what everyone expected, to the point where they will not be in a Bowl game for the first time since back in the 70’s! They could easily have their ass handed to them by the Buckeyes, who will not show mercy whatsoever…
Locally, the Florida Gators will have a picnic at home, hosting The Citadel, while Florida State goes up to Maryland to salvage a shot at the ACC Championship game.

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