Ahn Trio

They say talent runs in the family. When it comes to the Ahn Trio they weren’t kidding! The three talented Korean-born sisters are Julliard-trained musicians who graduated from the prestigious school with top honors. But the girls were making headlines long before they received their diplomas. Back in 1987 TIME Magazine featured the trio in a cover story about “Asian-American Whiz Kids.”
Today the sisters Ahn are all grown up and have appeared in fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and in People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue. And while their looks are certainly sparking some mainstream interest, it’s their music that’s captivating audiences the world over. The trio thrives on dissolving the barriers between art forms and has fused their work with that of dancers, pop singers, DJs, painters, installation artists, photographers, lighting designers, ecologists and even kite makers. Their unique “modern classical” style has made them popular with audiences young and old.
The Ahn Trio will be the first of four featured programs of the Afternoon Series of concerts sponsored by the EMMA Concert Association. The Ahn Trio plays on November 16th at 2 pm at the Flagler College Auditorium. Tickets are $22. For more information about this and other EMMA concerts call 797-2800 or visit emmaconcerts.com.