by erin thursby
The holidays seem to beg for culinary indulgence. And yet we sometimes want a way to cut down on our sugar intake. After a day of heavy starches sometimes it’s best that we keep sugar low for dessert. Whether you’re diabetic or you just want to cut your sugar intake, here are a few ideas (and one caution). These suggestions are sugar conscious, but still indulgent.

hiding the splenda-cheesecake
Cheesecake is one of the few desserts wherein a sugar substitute can be used without such an annoying aftertaste. The cream cheese really tamps down Splenda. For diabetics or those who can’t have sugar, this is a perfect choice. Go to the Splenda website or look for the recipe on the back of a bag.

a diabetic’s nightmare, or dream-pecan pie
There is no such thing as a low sugar pecan pie. Even when made with the Splenda recipe, the Karo syrup pushes the gycelmic index way up. Simply put, if you’re eating a low sugar version of pecan pie, you’re consuming about as much sugar as you would if you were eating a slice of conventional pie or even cake. The regular version has anywhere from two to three times the amount you can find in other desserts. Simply put, pecan pie is the most sugar-laden dessert you can find.

not too sweet-banana bread
Banana bread can be an excellent base for a dessert. Opt for more bananas and less sugar, or no sugar at all, and top with low sugar or no sugar ice cream. Or, for something sweeter but without adding white sugar, you can add in small cubed pieces apples, pears and any other fruit you desire.

a sugar-free pudding base
There are any number of easy pies and desserts you can make with a great sugar-free pudding as base. You can make a sugar free bread-pudding by using sugar-free ready made pudding to bind it together. I like adding a little more water or milk to whatever they recommend in the mix, because your bread is what adds bulk to the pudding. You can make a splendid no-bake layered dessert with pudding, cream cheese and no sugar whipped topping.

simply put, simple fruits
Go natural sugar when you can. Fruit is sweet. You might not need as much sugar as you think. Whip up some heavy cream with the barest amount of sugar and serve fresh, chilled strawberries or raspberries.