WHAT: Emergence
WHERE: The Gallery at Fogle (33­12 Beach Blvd.)
WHEN: November 20
Do you ever wish there was a cool party you could go to where people were discussing art, music, film and design? For you, The Gallery at Fogle presents Emergence. At the inaugural event Fogle presented the work of Tony Rodrigues. This talented Jacksonville artist is no newcomer to the art scene, but his new series of middle-century themed figures in boats and at beaches portrayed a nostalgic view into a the “quiet dignity” that Tony reveres in his subject material.
On the opposite wall from Tony’s pieces was the work of Maribel Angel. Maribel’s work is something that can always be found at Fogle, but for the Emergence event she showcased several new pieces. Her fanciful expressionist characters, who range from faceless, yet jolly women to a simple row of bottles, are presented alongside her abstracts on textured surfaces. Both artists presented work with a sense of simplistic whimsy with serious, albeit sometimes invisible, subtext.
Emergence partner Doorpost Film Project (thedoorpost.com) presented short films from the Jacksonville Film Festival in the screening room at the Emergence event. Music was provided by a Jacksonville local currently living in Berlin, Germany. Batsauce, the beatmaker for the Smile Rays and Heavenly Noise, has crafted an album from his travels around the world. His rhythms set a perfect undertone for a night of artful conversation in what the Jacksonville Business Journal Book of Lists 2008 named Jacksonville’s Top Gallery.
In addition to bringing some of Jacksonville’s hottest emerging artists in various genres, Fogle also served beers from Jacksonville’s own Bold City Brewery and wine from The WineBar on the Southbank.
Emergence happens on the third Thursday of every month. On November 20th see the compelling artwork of Eric Gillyard, who has only recently returned to Jacksonville from Atlanta, alongside Fogle artist Christie Holechek. Christie’s paintings breathe new life into urban landscapes and maps a legion of unseen energy. In the screening room, see the Weird Island movies by Eric Gillyard and Ian Chase.
Catch the best of what’s next in The Gallery at Fogle, 3312 Beach Boulevard in the St. Nicholas neighborhood of Jacksonville. Call 296-1414 for details.