October is largely associated with Halloween, the ushering in of autumn, Columbus Day if your city or town is not overtly politically correct, and in these parts, the Florida vs. Georgia game. All great things, granted, but allow me to expand your October horizons. For example, the 2nd is the International Day of Non-Violence, the 5th is International World Teachers’ Day and the second Monday of the month is Thanksgiving in Canada. Okay, wow, those days are way too boring for me too.
I was surprised and far more interested to learn that October 16th is World Food Day. It was founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This day is given a different theme every year highlighting such matters as social justice, hunger and famine and biodiversity. Sure these are interesting issues, but my attention was immediately shifted to how much I love food, love eating and even love looking at food. I often find myself in a trance as I watch the talented chefs put their culinary prowess to work to create epicurean delights.
There are a number of fantastic food sites. From the completely haute gourmet to the best of carnival fare, you can find something for your palate. The following are some sites that I enjoy aesthetically, for some clever writing and accessible recipes.
Bitten, written by Mark Bittman, presents a wide range of gourmet and common fare. The articles are written conversationally, never pretentiously or overly urbane and are somehow always sublime . . . this guy is even able to make a description of Panna Cotta pleasantly poetic. From the challenges of finding pears in their ideal state to a fabulous recipe for spinach pancakes, the articles are enjoyable for everyone and a perfect starting point for a budding culinary enthusiast or anybody looking to raise the quality of their cuisine.
My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and I am completely enamored with this site which imparts the art of breakfast in image only. Oddly hypnotic, these top-quality photos depict delicious morning meals that range from hot coffee, egg whites, black beans and tomatillo salsa to fresh berries and peanut butter toast with honey. Call me crazy for loving a website completely devoted to photographs of breakfast, but never call me late for, well, breakfast.
Food Gawker is a feast for the eyes and is guaranteed to make you hungry. It is all about brilliant photos and easy-to-follow recipes. Upon clicking on the gourmet indulgence that you’re drawn to, you are routed to a charming story that depicts that author’s path to the particular dish and of course, an easy-to-follow recipe. Barbecued Salmon Panini, eggplant roasted in a sweet pomegranate glaze, orange marmalade coffee cake . . . you’ve got to be kidding me. My usual bowl of cereal for dinner is sounding pretty sad. – use real butter
You’ll notice a reoccurring theme – great photography, clever narratives and simple recipes. Use Real Butter is no exception, and offers a picture-by-picture explanation of the steps in cooking and baking numerous decadent creations. Recipes include a large number of vegetarian dishes and unbelievable comfort foods.
Perhaps you are like me, a fan of these sites, shows, maybe even magazines, but not quite yet a participant. I would rather have someone cook for me, but somehow classify myself as an epicurean enthusiast. You don’t have to be a football player to enjoy a great game on the gridiron, so go ahead, enjoy with your eyes and mind and convince someone more willing to do the hard work.


april, 2022