by brenton crozier
I don’t quite live my life in a football fantasy, well, from the months of February through August anyway. I could go on ad nauseam, with Tolstoy-like verbosity about why football is the best sport in the world and why you should think so too. I will spare you with the understanding that you’ve heard it all before. My mission is to speak to the converted about our vicarious slice of the football dream. Fantasy football, or fantasy sports for that matter, are nerdtastic and by all counts a bizarre concept. Many argue that it skews the way you watch the game and for quite a few participants, it’s just another vehicle for gambling.
In spite of it causing you to cheer for a player you may have despised just a season ago, providing yet another distraction at work and even forcing you to consider ponying $300 for a premium cable NFL package, I contend that fantasy football is a positive on the world of sports, not a blight. By breaking down the numerous positions that make up a team, participants are able to appreciate the numerous intricacies and the anthropomorphic chess game that football really is. Unconditionally rooting for your team and simply enjoying the gladiatorial display of monsters in peak physical condition (or just monsters- see most offensive lines), marries perfectly with the aforementioned intellectual aspect of the game, making it the greatest sport in existence.
Enough! It’s time to unleash the websites. I have a number of fantasy football sites that I enjoy. Some, because they are simple, factual, number-driven data bases, and others that have that smug, you will never know more than me platforms that I appreciate, because that is hilarious when you are talking football.
Walter Football is a comprehensive site that goes into great detail– examining fantasy football ranking and recommendations, as well as NFL Draft analysis and information on other major sports. This site is comprehensive, updated daily and unafraid of unpopular recommendations. On the Adrian Peterson bandwagon, not Walter, who lists him as only the 6th best running back in the draft and gives you four solid reasons why. Whether you’re gearing up for your draft or seeking start/bench advice, Walter Football offers the thorough information you need to do your “In Your Face!” dance at the office on Monday.
A straightforward, by-the-numbers resource, Pro Fantasy Football breaks it down to the nuts and bolts you need to get the right players on your team. I had their projection chart open while I was drafting. It gave me the projected draft ranking, team, position, age, rating and bye week. All I had to worry about was what snacks I wanted to down during the draft. They feature weekly start/sit recommendations, a sleepers section that will make you look like a genius on the waiver wire and insightful articles.
These are the guys that believe they are smarter than you and aren’t afraid to say so. They have great start/sit tips and offer you the chance to ask a direction question about your lineup for the upcoming Sunday. They are also a great resource for waiver wire advice. I enjoy reading the weekly wrap-up where they have to own to their mistakes and the ask the docs section where they are not afraid to drop a “What were you thinking?” or “That guy is a complete bust and you were stupid to ever think otherwise.” It’s enjoyable rhetoric balanced with good information.
Whether you simply want to have fun with it or be needlessly-obsessed-with like me. My team’s handle is The Chicken Revolution (ah-hem, returning champions), there are plenty of resources that will give you a good starting point. Don’t rely completely on what these sites have to say, as they are only opinion and analysis and there is really no need to participate in pay sites. Good luck this year and viva la revolution!