THE BOOK OF MORMON rings in a new season for the FSCJ Artist Series

We’ve all had one come to our door at some point – the polite, prim and proper young person who rings the doorbell and asks for a moment of your time to tell you about being Mormon.  But leave it to Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone to take that moment in your life and transform it into one of the most hilarious opening numbers I’ve ever witnessed! THE BOOK OF MORMON, while heavily referencing the Mormon religion, is not in-your-face religion.  If anything, it pokes a lot of fun at the practice of sending naive individuals into the …

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Ice Nine Kills: A Scary Good Show

Words by Courtney Thomassen INT. DAILY’S PLACE, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   VOICE (V.O.) And now, for our feature presentation…   A light rain falls over the venue where fans have gathered for what is likely to be a killer show. The large banner concealing the stage drops to reveal two television screens that flip through a handful of channels before landing on American Case File, where a profile on singer Spencer Charnas is airing. A voice over welcomes the audience as fog pools on the stage floor. The silhouettes of Ice Nine Kills appear.   At the crossroads where horror film …

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The Hunt for the Best Apple Pie 

  Words by Carmen Macri and Ambar Ramirez    This month’s edition of “The Hunt” is a little different — mainly because we dropped the ball and did not realize how impossible it would be to find bakeries still selling apple pies during Thanksgiving break. That being said, we were …

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Wish You Were Here with Floyd Nation

Words by Carmen Macri and Ambar Ramirez    “We don’t hold ourselves out to be these rock stars we’re not. We’re just people. We’re just people that just happen to be able to play Pink Floyd really well.” – John Conrath, Floyd Nation   It’s unfortunate, really, that our generation …

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