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STUCK ON YOU Wednesday, November 12
Stuck-in-chimney stories usually involve burglaries gone wrong, but when Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, was rescued by firefighters in a Thousand Oaks, California, chimney in October, it appeared she was trying to visit an ex-boyfriend. The police …
PERSPECTIVE Wednesday, November 12
The most recent "segregated sidewalks" dispute in a community with a large, strict Orthodox Jewish population was in September in the English town of Stamford Hill, when Haredi Jews, trying to remove temptations, placed sidewalk signs for an …
SEA MONKEYS Wednesday, November 12
Though Americans seem sensitive to the issue of government's use of "science" in policy-making, some Icelandic agencies believe it irrelevant (as NOTW mentioned in 2009: Alcoa was required to prove it was protecting Iceland's underground "hidden …
OLD SCHOOL Wednesday, November 12
Sisters Martine and Louise Fokkens, 71, have finally retired as prostitutes in Amsterdam after 50-year careers. ("Fokkens" is their "stage" name, supposedly translated as "old whores" in Dutch.) Louise hasn't worked since 2010 because of arthritis, …
CHILD'S PLAY Wednesday, November 12
Ashley Tull, 30, was arrested in Selbyville, Delaware, in October after her 4-year-old daughter showed up at Hickory Tree Child Care Center with more than 200 baggies of heroin in her backpack, innocently sharing them with classmates.
THAT DAMN CAT Wednesday, November 12
Chula Vista, California, police officers in August rescued a woman and her adult daughter, who called 911, screaming they were trapped in the mother's bedroom, unable to leave because her house cat had turned bad and was "guarding" the door. …
BEST-LAID PLANS Wednesday, October 29
Two men ran out the door of a closed-for-the-night Houston Family Dollar store on Oct. 7 — empty-handed, after a failed theft attempt. According to the surveillance video, one man had removed items from a bottom shelf while the store was still open, and crawled behind the shelf space just before his partner came by and restocked the shelf (thus hiding his buddy). The partner then made a purchase and left.
AT LEAST HE DIDN'T GET A TRIBAL Wednesday, October 29
Victor Thompson, 46, arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida, in October for possession of the synthetic marijuana called Master Kush Spice (which he insisted is legal in his native New Hampshire), is apparently an out-of-control New England Patriots fan — having tattooed his entire bald head with a painstaking replica of quarterback Tom Brady’s helmet.
RISKY BUSINESS Wednesday, October 29
The former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, revealed at an October conference in Chicago that even though his post-government income will be several times what he earned as Fed chairman, he was nonetheless rejected recently when he tried to refinance his Washington, D.C., home.
NAILED IT Wednesday, October 29
After days of looking weary and walking lopsidedly, “Ducka,” the pet muscovy, finally gave owner Vicki Hicks of Sydney, Australia, a clue to its behavior by coughing up a nail. Veterinarian Hamish Baron of the Avian Reptile and Exotic Animal Hospital ordered an X-ray, which revealed a small toolbox’s worth of nails, screws and washers in Ducka’s belly.
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