You are Worthy Prom Dress Event

Posted by CBaggs

"Because Every Young Lady Deserves to Feel Beautiful"

All I Know Incorporated presents the 3rd Annual You are Worthy Prom Dress Event!!

Each young lady is greeted by a Personal Shopper. Their Personal Shopper fawns all over them, letting the young lady know just how beautiful and cherished she is.

The Personal Shopper assists the young lady with trying on as many dresses as she likes until she finds the "perfect dress".

Then on to shoes and accessories. Followed by hair, makeup and nails. Photography is next.

Everything the young lady chooses is hers to keep. She will leave with the items.

The idea is to teach young ladies how to give and receive compliments. To also teach them that others can pour into you without wanting something in return.

The program also gives them insight into how to dress for a formal occasion. Many of our young ladies have never attended a formal affair nor do they have anyone to teach them.

Please share with other young ladies you think might wish to attend.

Donations of dresses, shoes, accessories, makeup, and hair products are still being accepted.

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