Speaker Offers Inspiration and Spoken Word

Doc Waller entertains crowd with a spoken word performance and lots of inspiration


An Atlanta-based performing artist, writer and director, Doc Waller proved a high-energy and highly entertaining addition to the One Spark Speaker Series. Friday afternoon found Waller on stage for his “Bottle Up & Explode” talk.

Described as “thoughts on packaging our inspirations and idiosyncrasies into effective, daily weaponry,” Waller opened by telling the audience how mockingbirds are badass and the emcee of the animal kingdom. Not sure where he was going with his comment, Waller wowed the crowd with a 10-minute spoken word monologue.

“You can soak up the inspiration now or wait for it to come around the bend,” said Waller. “Vision is what we’re all about. It’s why we’re all here.”

A self-described “taste tester” who swallows every experience, Waller reminded audience members to take it all in – every facet of One Spark. “Are you getting what you came for? Are you processing the process?” he asked.

Waller talked about his background and how each life event inspired him or stifled his inspiration. An Air Force veteran, Waller started a non-profit in Eastern Alabama to bring the arts to underserved individuals. After about five years, he said he hit a wall and quit.

“I bottled these things [experiences] up and then exploded,” Waller said of his inspiration being stifled while running the non-profit. “You should take something away from everything.”

According to Waller, there are multiple steps to this process. The first being, “Morning Glory,” which basically means people should slow their day down – even if that just means taking a moment in the morning to reflect before starting the day.

The second step to Waller’s process is “Stream of Consciousness.” “There’s not one person in this room who should not be a writer,” he told the audience. This step is meant for people to write down their ideas, inspiration or whatever they take from an experience.

Another step to the process is “Conversations.” Waller said that people should have a friend in their life to bounce ideas off of and regurgitate everything that happens to them.

“You need to be the sponge in the situation,” Waller said of the five-day One Spark event. “You need to always be taking things in.”

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