Sanitary Solutions for a STINKY Problem

Be kind to Mother Earth by using eco-friendly poop bags


Dear Davi,

How can my human properly dispose of my poop while taking steps to help preserve the earth?

Gemma the German Shepherd


Protecting the environment is an important cause, and we all should do our part. 

Choosing pet waste bags that will actually break down in the environment, instead of sticking, and stinking, around for thousands of years, is an easy way to go green and help keep our planet clean.

I’ve sniffed high and low for the eco-friendliest poop bags on the market. You’ll never want to use a plastic bag again!

Picking up is a little more fun for you—and for Mother Earth with Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags. The name says it all. Not only are these bags environment-friendly, but they are toxin-free, so they are good for your health—and the planet. They are large enough to handle any size poop and totally leak-proof, so no messy surprises. Bags feature a lavender scent to help keep odor under wraps, but unscented bags are also available. These bags rip easily from the roll and open with a quick pinch, making them perfect for dogs who don’t like to slow down after taking care of business.

Eco-conscious canines—and their humans should consider Pogi’s Poop Bags. They are completely biodegradable and break down in as little as 18 months. These earth-friendly sacks are made from environment-friendly materials and are big enough—and thick enough­­—to contain even the most impressive poops. Its durable design is leak-proof and the clean powder scent helps you forget what’s inside the bag.

Finally, a super sanitary solution for disposing of dog doodie! These bags are compostable and flushable­—yes, flushable. Unlike plastic bags, Flush Puppies actually break down in water, so they can be safely flushed down the toilet. Just bag the poop, toss it in the toilet, and flush—the local wastewater treatment facility will do the rest. They are made from a water-soluble, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, so they will decompose quickly. The cost per bag is pricey, but hey, flushable. This is the perfect solution for puppies and those dogs who sometimes ignore the house rules.

Most tree-hugging hounds would agree: These compostable bags are the best quality money can buy. They are made from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers, and break down completely under the right conditions. The bags are black to hide content—and odor after use. BioBags can also help reduce bacterial build-up during collection. Good for the planet and easy to use; what more can you ask for in a dog waste bag?

Biodegradable and compostable: They mean the same thing, right? Not so. The main difference is that biodegradable material breaks down and disappears into the environment. Compostable goods are organic matter that breaks down to become a pile of nutrient-rich soil.

Either way, poop bags made of these ingredients can help take a load off Mother Earth and are a far better option than just letting it sit on the ground!

Davi the dachshund has one dirty secret: He’s a bit of a turd burglar.

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