RocketHub CEO Outlines Crowdfunding Success Pattern

Brian Meece explains the three pillars of crowdfunding


As CEO of RocketHub, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms, Brian Meece brought his “Crowdfunding Success Pattern” talk to the One Spark Speaker Series on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s really a new spin on an old idea,” Meece told the crowd of entities like National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) that have been using crowdfunding for decades. The formula is small contributions multiplied by lots of people equals creative success.

According to Meece, there are three pillars of crowdfunding: project, network and goods. You must have all three in order to succeed. The first important step is to share the why of what you do. Tell your story. People are more apt to support a project that speaks to their emotions.

The next step is to talk to your people. “Crowdfunding is built around networks,” Meece said. “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.” Turn to those closest to you and ask for support. Once you’ve exhausted your inner circle, then you can reach out to other in your social capital – email list, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Finally, sell the goods. This can mean an invention, an idea or something tangible. Make the journey to completing “the goods” memorable. Maybe you want to make a jazz album. Appeal to anyone who would want to support your musical endeavors.

According to Meece, your checklist should include the following:

• Title

• Financial goal

• Time frame

• Video

• Images

• Audio

• Written description

• Rewards

And your game plan should look something like this:

• Commit

• Win first followers

• Build dialogue

• Spiral out

• Tell the story

• Listen

• Meet the press

• Finish strong

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