Pets Like Me: BABALOU

Behind every good human is an awesome pet waiting to share its story



The life of Babalou plays out like a rags-to-riches story.

Act One: A teeny black kitten is rescued from the woods by a kind woman, who takes him into her home and prepares him for his next audition.

Act Two: His sass and sparkle receive a standing ovation at a fall festival from two passersby searching for a furry friend to play the part of spoiled cat in their playhouse.

Act Three: He rests easy in his humble abode, which he shares with his human twins.

I had the pleasure of meeting this leading character, and can honestly say he’s the cat’s meow.

Davi: On average, how many hours a day do you sleep?
Babalou: I sleep only when my humans are at work­—and during thunderstorms.

How many treats can you devour on any given day?
I think it’s purrfectly fine to indulge in an occasional treat … or 20. That’s probably why I’m on weight-control chow.

How many days have you gone without taking a bath?
Not many. I hate water, so I take waterless baths using Bed Head for Cool Cats.

What do you do when strangers stare at you?
Run! I don’t like strangers invading my space.

What was the last present you gave your human?
I gave them the privilege of petting me. I also gift them with a carcass every now and then.

Pretend you’re a bird. What three concerns about cats keep you up at night?
Fangs. Claws. Speed.

What’s your trademark move?
I have this slo-mo stalking stance—it may not be as distinctive as the moonwalk, but it’s just as memorable.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn by simply meeting you?
I wear bow ties for all occasions.

What would your human say are your best features?
My beautiful black fur and my smirky smile.

If you could text your human, what would you write?
Come home. Now. I want treats.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you recently?
Being interviewed by a dog.

If you’re a feline fanatic, or you have a pal who volunteers at an animal shelter, you may have heard that black cats are less likely to be adopted, and there’s no real reason why that is.

Black cats were once the animal world’s rock stars, but that perception has changed. Some may believe black cats are bad luck, a silly superstition that’s led to neglect or abuse. It’s also possible black cats stand out less than their brightly colored counterparts, like tabbies or calicos.

Whatever the reason, people should know that black cats are just as fantastic as other felines and shouldn’t be ignored simply because of their color. (Just like humans!)

Black Cat Appreciation Day, celebrated each year on Aug. 17, was launched to help raise awareness about black cats and show that black does go with everything—just ask any fashionista.

Black is the new black!

Davi is quite sure that black brings out the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

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