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Ollie Twist


Press Release

Hip-Hop with substance returns! Thematically focused on history and change while also aware of today’s daunting challenges. Incorporating the passion and rawness from the early days of hip-hop, with rocking guitars, tongue twisting lyrics and vocals, Ollie Twist's latest project MDLXV (1565) always pushes forward. Designed to keep you listening, it will take you on an intriguing journey from beginning to end leaving you wanting more!


Coquina>>>Introductory track with Ancient City highlights

Crown>>>Old school, vintage Hip-Hop and lyrical wordplay

Squall feat. Jill F>>>Head banging rock/rap/vocal on political and technological dangers

Imperium feat. Jill F>>>A historical analysis of colonialism and its perils

Paranormal>>>An eerie journey into the haunted streets of the city

Level>>>Futuristic, strategic superhero rap

Right feat. Jill F>>>A club friendly cut about embracing change and inner peace

Turbulence>>>A 'classical' interpretation on the dangers of cyclical history

Adaptor>>>A slice of archaeology, science and bravado

Sleeper>>>Musical Tribute to John Carpenter and horror cinema

Sangria feat. Jill F>>>Laid back summer anthem for the Ancient City

Precipice>>>A marathon message regarding today's current climate and lack of responsibility from the musical community

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