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Kick A WOMAN When She’s Down: Tweeters Celebrate Corrine Brown Going to Prison

People are oddly fascinated with her hair or lack thereof


Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is required to turn herself in to prison by noon today. As television crews wait outside the gates of Federal Correctional Institution, Coleman, the Central Florida prison where it has been widely reported she will serve a five-year term for her role in the sham charity One Door for Education, a small contingency is taking quite a bit of pleasure in her fate.

Here are some Tweets that caught our eye: 

Ain't humanity grand?


Update: Corrine Brown reported to prison. She did not arrive in the manner that this Tweeter seemingly preferred.

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there's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others to make you feel better about yourself. say what you want about dumbledore err corrine but that lady has style Tuesday, January 30, 2018|Report this