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Gone but Not FORGOTTEN

For Better ... or Worse


In a quick trip around the sun, Northeast Florida waved farewell to Corrine Brown and Ander Crenshaw. The latter rode off in a blaze of glory compared to the former, who was practically dragged from her post by a federal indictment that concluded with a guilty verdict and a sentence of 60 months. Brown is to report to prison later this month. She is currently appealing.

In October, the Morris family of Augusta, Georgia ended their 34-year run of owning both The Florida Times-Union and the St. Augustine Record when their company, Morris Publishing, sold $120 million of assets to GateHouse Media.

Finally! Floridians can buy pot legally, so long as they have a medical marijuana card, don’t mind surrendering their gun rights, prefer not to smoke their weed (thanks to our boneheaded legislature, which has prohibited smokables) and, depending on ZIP, aren’t opposed to driving across city or county lines to get their medicine. Cue the accordions. #SMH Clearly, there is much work to be done. But medical marijuana is legal!

Last January, a black female officer formally complained that Green Cove Police Chief Robert Musco referred to her as his “token,” which he allegedly said meant her presence was required at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities. Following an investigation, during which Musco reportedly tried to convince the employee’s coworkers to get her to rescind the complaint, Musco retired in disgrace.

After nine agonizing, losing seasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars turned it around in 2017 with a stunning 10-6 season that got us a playoff berth for the first time in furrrr-eva. On Jan. 7, the Jags trumped the Buffalo Bills, 10–3. The Jags take on the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, Jan. 14. 


Correction: This article previously incorrectly stated the Jaguars 2017 record as 12-4.

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