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God Bless the NRA

"The NRA shouldn't be blamed for gun violence in America. Quite the opposite--they should be thanked."


After every mass shooting, a few wild-eyed, pot-smoking liberal morons try to pin the blame for the tragedy on the National Rifle Association. They assert that the NRA has created the perfect conditions for an epidemic of gun violence by pushing incessantly for the right of every American with $400 and a pulse-mentally ill or not-to own a semiautomatic pistol or an assault rifle. Some weepy, hand-wringing sentimentalists argue that the so-called "right" of students to go to school without worrying about being killed should outweigh the God-given right of a tiny minority of Americans to stockpile enough military-grade weapons to arm numerous small countries.

But the NRA's critics have it all wrong. The NRA shouldn't be blamed for gun violence in America. Quite the opposite-it should be thanked.

First of all, the NRA isn't just the tireless champion of all Americans' sacred right to bear whatever arms they can afford, with the possible exception of nuclear warheads. The NRA has given us an amazing right that is rarely acknowledged: The right to be shot. This right is far more expansive, actually, than your overrated First Amendment rights. The Supreme Dorks and the Fascist Bureau of Investigation may stop you from yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater, but you can sure as hell get fired upon in a crowded theater! The right to be shot is truly unlimited. You could be shot at church, at school, at work, while sitting on the toilet ... . You could enjoy the unique privilege of getting shot when someone else's concealed weapon (or your own) goes off by mistake. Thanks to the NRA, we're realizing how much more important the right to be shot is than those much-ballyhooed rights to life, liberty and blah, blah, blah.

You may be thinking, "But what if I don't want to be shot?" Isn't the answer obvious? Buy a gun, dummy! But even if you're suffering from Stage IV libtarditis, you still benefit from the precious right to be shot. You see, it adds zest to life to know that every time you say goodbye to your kids in the morning, it could be your last farewell. The NRA has brought some of the thrill of the combat zone to the gray wastes of Cubicle Land. Let's face it, America-we were getting way too soft. Only the constant fear of sudden, random death, along with a complete inability to trust anyone around us, will truly make this nation great again. The good news is that, since The Inauguration of The Donald, we have already achieved levels of greatness not seen since Vietnam, or possibly even the Civil War.

Cynical, scruffy-bearded Berkeley grads will try to tell you that the NRA promotes gun ownership, stokes gun owners' paranoia, and blocks government research on gun violence only because these activities benefit gun and ammunition corporations, who make sure that the NRA's coffers are full, which helps keep politicians in office who value the public's right to be shot over any other consideration, and so on. A "vicious cycle," the haters call it. But all economic-growth-loving Americans know that people in many different industries should be lining up to thank the NRA. SWAT teams, firemen and crime scene investigators. Coffin and candle makers. Morticians. Grief counselors. Florists. And don't forget ambulance drivers, nurses, trauma surgeons, prosthetics designers and physical therapists for the survivors. What's a little PTSD and a few thousand hours of lost sleep when weighed against all those insurance dollars?

By the way, what would the fake news media do if they didn't have the NRA (not to mention Supreme Nixonian Overlord Trump) to kick around? How many op-ed columns, obituaries, Pulitzers and TV shouting matches do journalists ultimately owe to the NRA? Where would photographers be without those gorgeous shots of bloodstained bodies and mothers sobbing over the graves of their children? The poet Wallace Stevens was right-death really is the "mother of beauty!" And American journalists don't have to trek to Syria or the Congo to find all that beauty-they can capture it in the (relative) safety of their own national backyard.  You're welcome, media!

And let's not forget the many intangible goods that flow from the NRA's work. For example, on top of big campaign contributions, NRA-affiliated Republican politicians enjoy the peace of mind that comes with never having to make a decision for themselves. (At some point, the NRA may decide to skip the formalities and simply take over the U.S. Capital, but for now they find it more cost-effective to buy Republicans.) Like pet dogs and slaves, politicians such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan experience the profound comfort of being owned rather than having to fight for their survival in the 21st-century Beltway jungle. I'm sure you'll agree that their comfort is worth the lives of any number of first-graders.

Even families of gun homicide victims should thank the NRA. Just imagine how much stronger these folks can become as they work through their grief together. Isn't it nice to know that the NRA provides so many victims' families with an unlimited supply of heartfelt sobbing hugs, genuine screams of rage and old-fashioned blank despair-absolutely free of charge? Families that fall apart, of course, will need divorce lawyers and moving vans. In other words, it's a win-win scenario all around.

POFPs (Price-of-Freedom-Payers) who are liberated from mortality may seem like victims, but they are actually winners, too. The NRA knows that modern life is basically one big cannibal wasteland. Work, taxes, relationships, fat-free cottage cheese ... who needs the hassle? If you aren't shot dead by a disgruntled ex-coworker, you may someday choose to end life on your own terms using a manly 12-gauge or a sleek Glock-a weapon you wouldn't own if the NRA hadn't fought and bled and died on your behalf. (Maybe you'll decide to take a bunch of other people down with you, but the NRA can't officially recommend that course of action.) I only hope that, as you prepare to pull the trigger and head off to your eternal reward, you'll use your last breath to thank the good old NRA.

As the years roll by, and America gets greater and greater, we can be sure that the NRA's cornucopia of gifts will keep giving more and more bountifully. More expensive funerals. More newspapers sold and websites viewed. More families and communities united (and divided) in grief. And, always, always, always more guns. Our culture will improve dramatically as kindergartners are armed with Uzis and formerly tedious interactions with strangers at the grocery store take on all the unforgettable dramatic tension of High Noon.

Until that glorious day, even if you aren't an NRA-sian-American, don't worry-you can keep exercising your inalienable right to be shot. And, before I forget, one last right deserves to be mentioned: your right to remain silent. One day, the NRA may succeed in getting the First Amendment "rights" of wretched RINOs and progressive pantywaists completely abolished. For now, though, there's nothing the NRA likes better than for the overwhelming majority of Americans who support non-insane gun laws to keep their damn mouths shut.


Welling is a University of North Florida associate English professor.


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More mindless NRA bashing. Like most liberals the writer failed to think through how a war on guns would be fought. Any different than the war on drugs? I'm sure the liberal writer was opposed to the war on drugs because it locked up too many black guys. What does he think a war on guns would do. Lock up fewer black guys. NO The police will have to go into inner city neighborhoods to enforce the gun control liberals want. There will be conflicts with black males. Will liberals support the police? HELL NO. Where is the criticism of the Democrats being in bed with the teachers union. Public schools do two things well. They do well with college bound students and they do well when it comes to producing students who commit suicide and mass murder. When Republicans propose common sense reforms like school choice, where are liberals? They want to force unhappy students to keep attending the public schools knowing full well many would rather kill themselves than to attend the schools. Well that is liberal compassion for you. Thursday, March 8, 2018|Report this


Where is the criticism of the Democrats being in bed with the teachers union. Public schools do two things well. They do well with college bound students and they do well when it comes to producing students who commit suicide and mass murder.


And when those well adjusted kids are kicked out of those great school(private/charter) choice options where do they end up? You guessed it....right back at public schools. But keep bashing teachers & public schools because they're a "soft" target. Tuesday, March 13, 2018|Report this


Frankiem---Of course you ignored my other points. Sorry i do not by into the liberal nonsense that teacher's are saints and blameless. Nor are they powerless. The teachers union probably has a greater financial hold on the Democratic party than the NRA would have on the Republicans. You would never describe the NRA as powerless. Soft targets nothing. If teachers want to take credit. bound students, then they need to take the blame for the suicide bound students. What is the most common complaint that bullied students make? When they complain to the teachers, the teachers do nothing. In fact the teachers play reverse blame. They tell the bullied kids it is their fault because of how they act or dress. No love for teachers from this group of students. And it is a disgrace that those kids are forced back into the God awful public schools and subjected to ignorant teachers. Thursday, March 22, 2018|Report this


My recent comment should have said college bound students not bound students Thursday, March 22, 2018|Report this


My father had an arsenal of guns. I was raised on the range, cleaned rifles & hand guns of all kinds. We made homemade bullets.

Never did I ever consider using one of his guns to do a mass shooting or any shooting for that matter (knew how to access them at any time).

The mental health issues are what need addressed. Not gun laws, safety etc. It's those with mental instability that need addressed. It's the USA's most epic fail in my opinion. The HELP, real help and therapy I call THE REAL ISSUE.

IJS. That's my opinion on this NRA mess. It's really out of control & so is the lack of mental health help due to cut funding.

With all the newage drugs, common problems as a result of dysfunctional family issues, kids raising themselves (far beyond latch key kids era), lack of owning mistakes, lack of discipline period, a total breakdown in most of our State, Government and Local systems, you name it... At the end of the day THE REAL PROBLEM IS THIS; NO REAL SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR THOSE SUFFERUING MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND NO REAL SYSTEM IN PLACE DESIGNED AS A GO-TO FOR MENTAL HEALTH. THE ENTIRE MEDICAL SYSTEMS ISSUES ARE IN CRISIS BECASUE ITS ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

Thursday, April 5, 2018|Report this


I'd love to see the NRA use $ to fund mental health needs where the Government is failing miserably. If they save the day it would cause so much crow eating ! Well... Thursday, April 5, 2018|Report this