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Giving the Gift of Green Part Deux

More seasonal treats for the weed-lovers in your life


Here we go again, with a second round of holiday gift ideas for the cannabisseurs in your life (or simply for yourself, if you’re feeling selfish). At this point, it’s a bit late to rely on mail order—and, frankly, with all the recent stories about porch thieves, delivery truck mishaps and Amazon robots spraying their employees with bear mace (which, granted, is a pretty good way to keep wages under control, though it’s kind of a sop to the Medicare-for-all crowd), it may be in everyone’s best interests to just purchase the items in-store.

Thankfully, shoppers in Northeast Florida have no shortage of options. Between the classic smokeshops and new-school dispensaries, your cup (or your bowl) runneth over with local retailers at your disposal. (Some of them might even be advertising on this very page or nearby. Thanks for your support, by the way. Keep it coming!)

To start, you can always go to Chamblin Bookmine and buy one of a flood of books on the subject. I recommend the Peter McWilliams classic Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society, or Jack Herer’s legendary The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which helped more than anything else to set the decriminalization process in motion. And how! Decriminalization initiatives enjoy unprecedented and unstoppable momentum heading into the 2020 election cycle (which has already begun—no rest for the wicked, and even less for the good).

Here are a few ideas from my friend Sil Kaelin, proprietor of San Jose green emporium Hydroponic Unique Goods. HUGS is a great place not only for your edibles, emollients and whatnot, but also—as the name suggests—hydroponic paraphernalia. There’s a special emphasis here on the agricultural component, for those whose thumbs are as green as their tongues.

“We have some great ideas and savings on CBD Beauty Anti-Aging Bundle for the holidays,” Kaelin says. “Also, some unique gift ideas would include Colorado Hemp Honey and CBD Tea, Colorado Strava Craft CBD Coffee and a bag of edibles like gummies, hard candy, gum, chocolate or mints. On the gardening side, we have a start grow kit that includes a tent, lights, carbon filter and fans, or a single bucket hydroponic system, or a starter kit of bottles of nutrients such as Advance Nutrients, General Hydroponics and Foxfarm.”

We’ll give the last word, again, to Miss Ellie K (who is herself a gift to advocates of medical marijuana; after all, the YouTube sensation has performed the oh-so-difficult work of sorting through an intimidating array of products, skimming the cream of that crop for her viewers, as well as you, the reader).

“Another device your giftee will love,” says Ellie, “is the Pax ERA device, if you or your giftee are a medical marijuana card holder here in Florida. The new age cannabis oil vape device can be purchased straight from the PAX manufacturer, but to get THC or CBD pods for this product legally, you’ll need to go to the Florida Medical Marijuana dispensary called Liberty Health Sciences who boast several dispensary locations throughout Florida as well as offering free next day delivery statewide.”

In a pinch, I also suggest buying the deluxe DVD of Reefer Madness, just to remind folks how far we’ve come on this subject.


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