Get the F(orrest) Out of Here!

Jacksonville high school isn't the only local spot in need of a name change


At a recent Duval County School Board meeting, the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition presented 1,600 surveys of which 92 percent of the individuals surveyed were in favor of changing the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. I do not disagree with the idea, considering Forrest's unspeakable war crimes during the Civil War, including the execution of surrendered soldiers, and his post-war co-founding of the Ku Klux Klan. However, I would like to bring to your attention that Forrest High School isn't the only place in Jacksonville with a name that might be perceived as offensive.

bb's: The popular Southbank restaurant—with the drool-inducing dessert case—shares its initials with innocuous abbreviations like "bearded bro," "best buddy" and "bulletin board." But others found on Urban Dictionary ... are far less savory.

Burro Bar: “Burro” is a synonym for “ass," so Burro Bar = Ass Bar. 

Broad Street: While I personally don’t have a problem with it, the word “broad” is considered by some to be degrading to women. Some less offensive replacements might be: Lady Street, Gentlewoman Street or Female Street (that's "Femella," as you may have learned in Latin class, preferably not in a school named for a war criminal).

Felch Avenue: If you really want to know why "Felch" is a horrible name for a street, check out its definition on Urban DictionaryConsider yourself warned. Seriously.

Jaxx Sports Sports Bar: Besides the fact that adding a second “X” to "Jax" serves no real purpose, Tristan Jaxx is the name of a gay porn star. He has an, ahem, lengthy filmography with titles including “Fleet Week,” "Best Men," “Endless Crush” and others not appropriate to repeat here.

Nero's: Nero was a Roman emperor. He also seduced married women and young boys, killed innocent people for no reason, castrated slaves ... oh, and murdered his mother. He's also believed to have started The Great Fire of Rome. Enjoy your spaghetti.

Pho King (now PK Noodles): Diners who knew the proper pronunciation of the Vietnamese word “pho” often got a chuckle of suggesting Pho King (aka “Fuh King”) to friends. Apparently, someone alerted the owners the faux (pho?) pas, and the restaurant’s name was changed to PK Noodle, though Pho King is still on the sign (see gallery above).

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