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Civilized blends two of our favorite things


Cannabisseurs are notorious for their loyalty to the stuff, but there is one product to which they may pledge their allegiance even more readily. That product, of course, is coffee. I think that pretty much all of us share an affinity for the bold, black, bean-based brew, whose history goes back to at least the 15th century. As with almost everything else in the range of food and drink, Northeast Florida has established a dense and diverse array of retailers dealing in coffee.

One of those local companies, in fact, has just launched a CBD-based coffee that goes well with pretty much everything. The Civilized Coffee Company (2100 Dennis St.) is just one among a number of new businesses populating the Emerald Necklace District, which encompasses an area spanning from North Riverside to the Beaver Street Farmer’s Market (one of my favorite places in town).

My friend Mark Patterson co-founded the company with his friend Jeff Norton. He kindly sent samples of the whole line, and it has sustained me through several all-nighters. Civilized’s Silver (Mild) blend contains 78 mg of CBD; the Gold (Medium) blend contains 156 mg of CBD; the Black (Robust) blend contains a whopping 312 mg of CBD. In terms of the relative strength of the brew, and the concentration of CBD, the average user will find the varieties largely indistinguishable.

The package was dropped on my chest (literally) while I dozed in near-delirium the morning after a long night of Florida Man fun. The timing was perfect, and so was the product. The first batch sustained my colleagues and I through a third day on-air with this year’s WJCT Pledge Drive, where perkiness is plus.

Each variety is made with a mixture of medium roast Tanzanian Peaberry Colombian Excelso beans, augmented with Full Spectrum CBD oil, certified and tested. The only hangup is that it’s not recommended for use with traditional coffee makers, whose paper filters may absorb the CBD oils. For best results, use a French Press, a metal filter or the pour-over method. Having no French press handy at home (though now I finally have an excuse to buy that R2D2 model on Amazon), I jerry-rigged a brew using an old tea-making gimmick from Teavana, and the results were pretty close to optimal.

Several companies are working in this vein already—most notably one owned by Willie Nelson—but this is a first for our area. The owners import their product directly from Africa, resulting in fresher goods and lower prices for the consumer. “We want people to understand we are a coffee company that focuses on great coffee,” says Patterson. “That is why we researched the most reliable CBD company with the highest quality CBD.” Their supplier, and their process, are both trade secrets, but the pride they take in the results are obvious.

With vaping suddenly under siege far and wide (more on that in the weeks to come), people are expressing a real preference for cannabis in its edible forms, and the quasi-medicinal nature of coffee makes it an optimal vehicle for the overall benefits of CBD.

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