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Southside artisan bakery hits it out of the park


Southside, I am so proud of you. You’re doing the most when it comes to small spots that rock my world, so thank you. Artisan bakery Jax Bread Co., a newcomer to the sandwich and pastry scene, may be my new favorite–I hope they stick around.

The selection rocks at this bakery-meets-deli-sandwich shop. Grab a coffee and a sweet treat, like carrot apple or Banna bread ($2.99), or get something to stick to your ribs and fortify you for the rest of the day.

The shop is an in-house situation. Owner and baker Nana Hammond makes the goodies from scratch daily. JBC makes its own bread, marinades and croissants. That’s right. It’s the real deal.

Dig in, y’all. Sandwiches can be on African sweet breads, ciabatta or wheat. My first choice, Jerk Chicken Sandwich ($8.99–also available with pork), was a win. The marinated sliced chicken breast is dressed in a kinda mild jerk seasoning made by Nana. The chicken is layered on ciabatta with double-stacked tomato, spinach, red onion and a healthy dollop of mayo. Be careful your fingers don’t get in the way.

For these final (ha!) really hot days, a cooling sandwich is in order; Coronation Chicken Salad Sandwich ($8.99) is just what the doctor ordered. Not your typical picnic chicken salad, the hint of curry and raisins adds a nice sweetness. There are breakfast sandwiches (on bread or croissant) all day and a variety of veg options, like Market Sandwich with avocado, red onion and more ($8.99).

There’s only one way to make a croissant better: add chocolate. The Pain au Chocolat ($4.99) was a little warm, as if it had been pulled from the oven and allowed to cool just enough to be served. Croissants aren’t easy to make, but JBC’s croissant dough is a work of art, crispy and buttery on the outside, flaky and soft inside. Same goes for the Nutella blackberry Danish. The laminated dough is a force of magical, baking science.

Nana sells bread by the loaf, too. Tall baguettes ($3.99) peek over a wicker basket; wide, flat loaves of focaccia ($5.99) beckon appealingly; crusty round ciabatta ($4.99), traditionally shaped loaves of African sweet bread (think white bread, but no added high-fructose corn sugar or preservatives) are ready to go home with you ($4.99). Keep that in mind as the holiday season looms. A fresh loaf of bread can make a big difference at a dinner party or as part of a hostess gift.

Situated in the little shopping center where Baymeadows meets Philips Highway, Jax Bread Co. is the ideal local spot for a quick sandwich or an afternoon pick-me-up.


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