The Pratt Guys seek support for their outdoor woodscape business


Jason, Derek and Adam Pratt are Jacksonville natives who share a similar interest: the power of family and love of Jacksonville. But the Pratt Guys are more than just your average brother trio. They are construction craftsmen who build backyard landscapes.

More specifically, the Pratt Guys specialize in building outdoor wood scapes. They started the business in 2004 building everything from pergolas to backyard decks and decorative patios.

Now they’re collaborating on a One Spark entry and pursuing $197,604 in crowd-funding to finish setting up a headquarters for their business. They’re excited not only about the potential for their project, but also One Spark’s potential to infuse the city they love with excitement.

“We are all about the collaborative effort in Jacksonville,” Jason said, who also works as a public affairs specialist at Mayo Clinic.

The brothers began construction on their showroom and storefront office building in September of 2013 but had to stop due to lack of funding. They need the showroom to act as a workspace as well, allowing them to build the foundations for their signature pergola structures.

The 9,000-square-foot showroom located off Philips Highway would act as a destination to illustrate what the Pratt Guys do, build livable backyard landscapes where people “enjoy earth,” which is also their primary hashtag for social media.

Each of the Pratt brothers possesses an important skill that brought Pratt Guys to life. Jason, a brand consultant, markets the business. Derek and Adam are, respectively, the construction management and planning experts who build the landscapes.

“We set the bar so high for not just quality, not just creativity, but customer service,” Jason said.

Pergolas are the signature feature-build of the Pratt Guys. What is a pergola? Pergolas are garden arbors with slanted posts that allow for a mixture of both sunshine and shade. The Pratt Guys feel that pergolas are the best way to “Enjoy Earth from your Backyard,” the tagline for the business.

“We grew up building stuff, that’s what we’re good at,” said Derek, the middle brother of the three. Jason is the oldest brother while Adam is the youngest.

Brothers Derek and Adam starting building things in their Jacksonville garage with their father and grandfather at an early age. Throughout high school, both brothers took woodshop classes and grew in their craft.

The Pratt Guys innovate ways to make the wood with which they build best fit their clients’ needs. They’ve even developed a new way to stain the wood they use to build pergolas and other backyard landscapes.

“We took this brand new wood and made it look like it’s a hundred years old,” said Jason. “We have actually taken, over a year-long time, a lot of trial and error to develop this technique that’s completely unique to us.”

Working with your brothers would seem like a difficult feat, however it comes naturally for the Pratt brothers. They have always worked collaboratively in expanding their business. Pratt Guys entered the Jacksonville Home and Patio Show in both 2013 and 2014 and won best in show each time as a family.

“My brothers are my best friends,” Derek says. “Sometimes we learn to just deal with each other and our strong wills.”

This story was reported by Ignite Media, an independent news bureau created by University of North Florida students.

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