Dining Guide by Cuisine 2017


"The world is gettin smaller," they increasingly say, as if it means something. The telegraph, automobile, airplane, telephone, television, internet--each generation heralds a new, purported shrinker of the planet, a fresh impinger upon our space, a deleter of the space between us. But in America, at least, there's one thing that's damn sure sure not getting smaller: Our collective waistlines. Why is that, do you suppose?

Some squawk that the culprit is gluten, or meat, or HFCS. Others harp about lack of exercise and the swell of sitting in a chair as a profession, like maybe we've just become too lazy for our own pants. But we at Folio Weekly have an alternate theory.

As you peruse the content of our 2017 BITE by BITE Dining Guide by Cuisine, keep one thing in mind: With so many options for delicious excursions, so many delightful diversions to soothe our growling innards, and a thriving restuarant scene that is girthing up almost faster than you can add a new notch to your belt, how could putting on a few extra pounds be considered our fault?


In this issue:

Locally produced HONEY is a growig trend in a close-knit, urban community.
by Caroline Trussell

Northeast Florida RICE FARM off to a rockin' start
by Chloe Emory

FW's foodie digs into NEW AREA EATERIES
by Brentley Stead

Pie, oil on canvas, 16" x 12", 2001
collection of the Jenson Family, Captiva Island, Florida

This week's cover is by Riverside-based artist Jeff Whipple. An award-winning multimedia artist and arts polymath, Whipple is (among other things), a painter, installation artist, playwright, video artist, arts writer and educator, currently teaching at the University of North Florida.

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