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One mayoral candidate sounds off


Wow! In “March Madness” (Jan. 23), A.G. Gancarski explains how bad Lenny Curry is and how Anna Brosche voted with him 98.4 percent of the time, and then tells us they are the only choices. I can see them throwing us under the bus, but I didn’t expect it from Folio Weekly.

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, Mayor Curry said “I can’t even imagine how something like this could happen in a school.” If you can’t imagine it, you surely have not planned for it. How safe do you feel? Mayor Curry says he is going to continue doing what he has been doing, but he expects a different outcome. What’s the definition of insanity? Only difference, he is going to spend more money.

Anna Brosche claims to have all these better ideas to fight crime, but we have yet to hear them. Sheriff Mike Williams says Brosche has never contacted him with any, either.

Jimmy Hill and Johnny Sparks live in Atlantic Beach, which has its own mayor. It seems Mr. Hill is out for political revenge for the loss of his festival. Seems an inappropriate reason to run for mayor. Having said that, if I become mayor, I would be happy to help Mr. Hill get his festival back up and running. In a city this size, we should be encouraging things like this. They bring money to the city. I would like to have Carnaval in Jacksonville, too. Para mi gente latino.

Jacksonville on the rise? I agree, domestic violence, flooding, shootings, traffic, opiate use, algae blooms, taxes, city spending, underfunding public schools, police mismanagement and lack of city government transparency, all on the rise. 98.4 percent of that is no improvement.

I believe in complete equality, protection, inclusivity and transparency. What does it mean when our leaders announce there is no danger to the general public, after a gang shooting in a black neighborhood? I am sick and tired of children getting killed because of conscienceless adults. Two or three years ago you would hear about killings in Northside and Westside; now it’s in Baymeadows and Mandarin. What happened to “it takes a village”? Why isn’t everyone angry? That little kid, whatever color, is our responsibility—all of us. Should we wait for it to happen to us or our immediate families before we care?

How would I reduce crime? 1) I would create incentives to get illegal and stolen guns off our streets. 2) I, personally, would sit down with gang members, in and out of prison, to find permanent solutions and alternatives to the killing. 3) I would increase punishments for people who harm children. 4) I would increase resources and protections for victims of domestic violence. 5) I would authorize mobile police substations to be moved into high-crime areas, creating a permanent police presence until the problem is solved. 6) I would find where we need more permanent police substations, to protect and serve all Jacksonville residents more efficiently.

Our city government bickering and our lack of complete equality and inclusivity are what keep new and growing companies out of Jacksonville. Today’s companies do not want to be associated with any possible negativity or anything that can damage their brand. We can do so much better, attracting better-paying jobs and opportunities for advancement, here in Jacksonville.

Having written so many letters over the years, usually defending minorities, to Folio Weekly and having you print most of them, this article stung a little, but it won’t get me down.


Griffin (NPA) is a qualified write-in candidate for Jacksonville mayor.

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