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Jason Tetlak Sets a (Guinness) World Record


Local artist Jason Tetlak has been getting a lot of attention lately for his 90-foot-by-22-foot long Brooklyn mural depicting the Beastie Boys’ song “No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn” (located at 250 Park St.). The mural is the largest 3-Dimentional mural in the world; it’s been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records (he’s just waiting on the official certificate).

The record is one he set out to make, “[because] why not? Going for the record just sounded like a fun accomplishment. I've loved the record book since I was a kid, and now my kids also enjoy reading it.”

Tetlak seems to be taking the attention in stride—which includes an article on the German website—with a smile and a quick quip or two. “I chose the Beastie Boys because when I found a wall that was big enough to set the record it was in Brooklyn, so it only seemed fitting…Plus the 3D style looks kinda old school.”

When asked why he’s been working in 3D (the kind that requires glasses), he replied, “I just like pushing the envelope with materials and technology to see what I can make work. I wanted to see if I could hand paint something that would work with 3D glasses and it has just snowballed from there.”

The work became the foundation of a suite that he calls his “red reveal” series. Pieces that change to reveal a hidden (often funny) message with a red photo filter.

In September, the artist will have works on display at MOSH and in November, he mounts a solo at Space 42 in Riverside.

Visit for more of the artist’s work.

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