Lights! Camera! RUN! Wednesday, May 31
Filmmakers all over Northeast Florida compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours—nonstop!—in the 48-Hour Film Project. We’re talking write, direct, score, edit …
A CANNON Blast! Wednesday, May 31
New documentary profiles Golan-Globus’ hit-or-miss cinematic aesthetic
Sing & SWING Wednesday, May 31
Jazz vocalist Charles Turner might be a Young Turk but he has some old-school flavor, too, flipping through standards like “Honeysuckle Rose” and then riffing on Eddie Jefferson’s …
Two to TANGO Wednesday, May 31
Dust off that gaucho hat and those purple leather assless chaps! The Florida Chamber Music Project presents its Spring Gala, with tango music by the string quartet, tango dance instruction, heavy …
Post-Apocalypse NOW Wednesday, May 31
In the world of metal, Otep Shamaya remains a game-changer. Since 2000, she’s been leading the LA-based band that bears her name. She and the band have survived catchphrases like “nu …
The PIGSKIN Within Wednesday, May 31
Avoid this lovely albeit muggy springtime weather, soak up some A/C and enjoy some indoor football this weekend when our very own National Arena League (NAL) team, the Jacksonville Sharks, take a …
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