Local shelter opens massively awesome new facility
The City DREAMS 3 days ago
In the wake of “fall back,” it may be a good time to remember that an extra hour of sleep isn’t a reason to celebrate for everyone (one fourth of those experiencing homelessness are …
For 25 years, Son Volt has been a vehicle for frontman Jay Farrar’s solemn, hyper-realistic alt-country songwriting. Equal parts dirt-caked and elegantly exquisite, Farrar mixes stylish pedal …
FULLY Dimensional 3 days ago
Long Road Projects artist-in-residence Curtis Talwst Santiago captures big issues in Lilliputian vessels
No SEA Weed 3 days ago
Beach town considers banning MMJ
Visual OVERLAY 3 days ago
Nicole Holderbaum has a vision for Northeast Florida, and it’s a colorful one. For the last couple of years, she’s taken the lead to get young people involved as creators themselves, …
The Whole TRUTH 3 days ago
Almost eight years to the day since Natasha Boykin’s death, her mother believes new evidence proves she did not die by her own hand
Eve of DESTRUCTION 4 days ago
Thursday is almost it, finally, for Corrine Brown. The saga of the One Door For Education case comes to an end with an epic sentencing hearing for her in Jacksonville’s federal courthouse. …
EMBRACING the Unintended Life Wednesday, November 8
Paralyzed at 36, Amy Quincy keeps seizing the day, every day