The Juice is Loose! Thursday, April 19
The primary objections raised to Amendment 2 when it passed in 2016 were twofold:
Behind every good human is an awesome pet waiting to share its story
Man of the People Wednesday, April 18
12 hours at work with Ben Frazier
TRUTH to Power Wednesday, April 18
Recognized as one of America's leading news voices, Sreenivasan anchors PBS NewsHour Weekend and is a senior correspondent for the nightly program. He's in Jacksonville to chat about How to …
HITCHHIKIN’ Again Wednesday, April 18
  Their major label debut was described as "a cornerstone of the 'alternative country' movement ... [that] leaned more toward the Clash than the Carter Family." Since that '94 big release, …
A MEDIUM-RARE Gift Wednesday, April 18
It's an ordinary Sunday night, you're watching TV, flipping through channels, trying to find a show that won't bore you to tears. You hit TLC (The Learning Channel) and think, "Aha! Now I'll learn …
She says "goodbye" to being Switzerland
Darkness Gives Way to DAWN Wednesday, April 18
Every human is a universe unto themselves but, more often than not, there are more things that unite us than divide us. For some atypical members of the human tribe, those things that come with …
St. Elmo's Fire Wednesday, April 18
Private school versus residents: Whose neighborhood is it?
Says it won't increase traffic but will add an extra layer of security