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SALE OF THE CENTURY Wednesday, April 6
Selling the pension tax referendum may be difficult
The Skyway legacy of bamboozling taxpayers
Decades after King’s assassination, the Civil Rights Movement is far from finished
BOUQUETS & BRICKBATS Wednesday, April 6
The WINs and FAILs of the Week
ONE STEP FORWARD... Wednesday, March 30
Congresswoman Corrine Brown deserves our compassion. It’s arguable that some of the shitstorm raining down upon her is of her own making, long coming political fallout from years of scandals, …
THE AWFUL LEGACY Wednesday, March 30
In some ways, it's still 2008
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, March 30
BOUQUETS TO BRUCE THOMASON Thomason recently received the 2015 Florida Book Award Bronze Medal for popular fiction for his third novel, Perception of Power. Currently working on a fourth, Thomason …
The Democracy Deficit Saturday, January 3, 2015
Everyone has heard about the problem of budget deficits, but there is a far more insidious deficit that receives very little media coverage – this is the democracy deficit. Once you open your eyes, …
I have PTSD, I am totally disable. My condition is the result of sexual trauma. I spent 20 years in the military with a flawless military record. I was arrested in the Duval County Courthouse by a …
COWFORD COWARDS Friday, January 2, 2015
The most recent decision, that city clerks will stop performing marriage ceremonies, a clear indication of the stance of the Jacksonville city government as to how gay citizens are treated. I lost my …