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REMEMBERING JORDIE Wednesday, April 27
Artist Jordie Hudson’s creative yet troubled life comes to a violent end
The rise of Donald Trump has generated a range of explanations for his electoral appeal. The most convincing explanations link his success to the actions and rhetoric that have been coming from the …
IMPROPER ADDRESS Wednesday, April 20
Resident of the 32233 sounds off on proposed address change from Atlantic Beach to Jacksonville
The times, they aren’t a-changin’ (at least not much)
MONEY, POWER, RESPECT Wednesday, April 20
How the post-Ander Crenshaw era in Congressional District 4 will shake out
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, April 13
BRICKBATS TO AMELIA ISLAND BEACHGOERS Apparently, some people who frequent the seashore in front of Amelia Surf & Racquet Club don’t see the harm in leaving the beach littered with the …
A LATTE LIBERATION Wednesday, April 13
Governor Rick Scott should be ashamed. Agree or disagree with Cara Jennings, the woman who called out the governor at a Gainesville Starbucks last week for signing legislation defunding Planned …
MASS APPEAL Wednesday, April 13
The elites love the pension tax. But will voters?
I am a 30-year-old transgender man. Early in life, I was always confused about why my parents demanded I dress in female clothing when I wanted to wear what the boys were wearing. I grew up in what …
LIGHTS OUT? Wednesday, April 6
In the beginning, One Spark burned brightly, fanning the flames of passions near and far, igniting the region with talk of innovation, entrepreneurship, and jobs, baby, jobs. The hope-fueled fervor …