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The Courage of Alvin Brown Tuesday, March 11
Jacksonville mayor keeps his fingerprints off the tough decisions
The Sky Isn’t Falling Wednesday, March 5
In response to 'Some Justice. No Peace' and 'Witness to the Prosecution
How Jacksonville's election system suppresses the black vote
In Defense of Dunn So in this article [Editor’s Note, “Some Justice. No Peace,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Feb. 19], you blame Mike Dunn and George Zimmerman for defending themselves …
The Fragile Outdoors Wednesday, February 26
Our planet isn’t fragile. Our way of life is.
Keep the Straws Out of the St. Johns Wednesday, February 26
The real problem with Florida's water supply is use, not supply
What About the Taxpayers? Wednesday, February 19
Don't solve Jacksonville's pension crisis on the backs of its citizens
Some Justice. No Peace Tuesday, February 18
This wasn’t about loud music or, in Dunn’s words, “thug music.” It was about entrenched stereotypes.
Terrible Story, Terrible State What a terrible story [Cover Story, “Marriage Equality. Now,” Jeffrey C. Billman, Feb. 5]. (Not the writing, the story being written about.) It’s a …
Service to Revile Thursday, February 13
A former server recounts the worst service of his life while eating breakfast in Jacksonville Beach
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