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"We are not clear what the sheriff wins by not serving ex-offenders, but we are very clear that 400 people re-entering each year lose when our sheriff does not invest in successful re-entry."
Hemp Pimp Wednesday, April 11
Mitch McConnell does the right thing, for once
Cashed Out Wednesday, April 11
Florida's Senators flub questions on monetary policy
Trouble in River City Wednesday, April 11
Jacksonville is in a mayor-created crisis
"Recollecting the assassination of Dr. King should cause great pause in our country at this particular moment for two reasons, which represent two of the most trending, but controversial, topics of the day: the BULLET and SYSTEMIC RACISM."
Party Fouls Wednesday, April 4
Already 2018 has been a shitshow for Duval County's two political parties. The latest lowlight: Last week's revelations that Duval Democrats' Committeeman John Parker was under investigation by …
Happy birthday to the publication that brings home the bacon and fries it up in the pan
At First Bite Wednesday, April 4
Davi's tips for protecting your family from Lyme disease
State arts funding decimated by legislature
Pass it to Me, Coach Wednesday, March 28
Retired NFL players take up the medical marijuana cause