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Too Much is NEVER Enough Wednesday, August 30
The joy of desirelessness
What Political CONSULTANTS Do Wednesday, August 30
And why the smart pols have them
My White Supremacist 'FRIEND' Wednesday, August 30
A one-sided confrontation with a Confederate sympathizer
They Only LAUGH when it Hurts! Wednesday, July 19
President Trump’s administration has been rough on America’s comedians
Halloween HAVOC Wednesday, October 11
Make All Hallow's Eve great again
Mr. SHERIFF Goes to Washington Wednesday, October 11
And he’s packed some no good, very bad science
Governing from the SHADOWS Wednesday, July 26
How the wealthy leverage money for a seat at the policymaking table
Says he’s devilishly handsome, witty and stylish, too
DEATH of the Party Wednesday, September 6
Two local parties = one major problem
MONUMENTAL Decision Wednesday, September 13
The Civil War isn't dead yet