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Our President is an ODDITY Wednesday, September 13
“…What they warned us has come true: We’ve gotten used to our angry president stomping around the stage like a petulant toddler.”
Trump's FAKE Drug War Wednesday, November 1
Don't believe the hype
Taking the FUN OUT of the Game Wednesday, September 27
“… as I watch my daughter falling in love with soccer, it’s very hard to like what youth programs have become.”
The UNASSUMING Face of Evil Wednesday, November 8
The terror of criminals who seem ordinary
BETTER Narratives Wednesday, November 8
Papa John’s attempt to spin bad news backfires. And it’s delicious
PREDICTIONS Wednesday, October 4
What does the future hold for Jacksonville politics?
The MONEY Shot Wednesday, October 4
Weapons manufacturers are not that innocent
Eve of DESTRUCTION Tuesday, November 14
Thursday is almost it, finally, for Corrine Brown. The saga of the One Door For Education case comes to an end with an epic sentencing hearing for her in Jacksonville’s federal courthouse. …
To Defend a PREDATOR Wednesday, November 15
Searching for an elusive, shifting line
Too Much is NEVER Enough Wednesday, August 30
The joy of desirelessness