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COALITION Building Wednesday, May 31
How Anna Lopez Brosche won the council presidency
The GRADUATION Blues Wednesday, May 31
School's over. Now what?
Spring FERVOR Wednesday, May 24
The season everything changed
Wait 'Til NEXT Year Wednesday, May 24
Forecasting the #jaxpol future
Artistic REPRESSION Wednesday, May 24
Local student decries defunding of the National Endowment of the Arts
The Art of HYPOCRISY Wednesday, May 17
The Carl Vinson carrier strike group is poised to unleash hell. President Trump has promised that if China cannot reign in North Korea, the United States will handle the “problem.” In …
Surviving in SILENCE Wednesday, April 26
One of the greatest threats in America, indeed the world, is the unacceptable prevalence of sexual assault and rape in our society. Americans protest daily on the many issues important to us all. …
PAID to Play Wednesday, April 19
Is anyone else sick and tired of their taxes going to welfare recipients? You see ’em all the time, eating steak, quaffing spirits, driving new cars, swiping right on the newest iPhone, …
Are Jacksonville Dems LEGIT? Wednesday, April 19
There is one story that I’m watching as the 2018 elections approach. Will Jacksonville take back its rightful property? By this, I mean its second seat in the U.S. Congress. The state of …
Back in the 1970s, I was routinely accused of being a member of the “lunatic left.” Perhaps my youthful idealistic enthusiasm for utopian political schemes justified the accusation. This …