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I am 60 years old, and like everyone else who has opinions and votes, I have contributed to the polarization of America. We've been here before, but never quite like this. Every unhappy democracy is …
VICIOUS Cycle 2 days ago
“By managing to escape the wrath of arrest and judicial punishment 99.9 percent of the time, this conniving liar & Teflon thief felt immortal and always untouchable.”
The KILLING Fields 2 days ago
Florida state senate marches one step closer to legalizing murder
SLINGS & Arrows 2 days ago
Life, death and resurrection in the Bold New City of the South
Deep State, Local STYLE Wednesday, March 15
Reading between the lines in #jaxpol
Ghost of PIZZA Past Wednesday, March 15
“Al seems like a decent-enough dude. So why am I so mad at him for ditching my preferred pizza and moving across the street?”
“There seems to be no motivation for Trump’s raging patriotism other than an overriding desire to be in power.”
HALLUCINATION Generation Wednesday, March 8
How baby boomers bought the current opioid crisis
Driving the 401(K)URRY Wednesday, March 8
Is the mayor's pension reform plan a Peel Trident or a Ford Shelby?
King of The DRAGON-SLAYERS Wednesday, March 1
Gate River Runner dons whacky getup for a good cause