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A SHOT IN THE DARK Wednesday, May 6
Ken Adkins’ curfew proposal ruffles feathers, but he doesn’t mind.
The Florida House and Senate may be in complete dysfunction, but Florida itself may benefit from their turmoil. With several bills still in limbo, the state’s House of Representatives packed up and adjourned three days before the session was to officially end on May 1.
MITTSTOCK 2015 Wednesday, April 29
Last week, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid us a visit as the special guest at a fundraiser supporting mayoral candidate Lenny Curry. U.S. Congressman Ron DeSantis — who is rumored to be running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by presidential hopeful Marco Rubio — and Former Speaker of the Florida House, Will Weatherford, joined Romney and a crew of the area’s biggest donors at the event in Ponte Vedra Beach.
BACK to BASICS Wednesday, April 29
They gave credibility and a voice to a counterculture lifestyle. Now, The WaveMasters are getting back to the roots of surfing
SAFETY DANCE Wednesday, April 29
The race for mayor and election-year political “evolution”
Brickbats + Bouquets Wednesday, April 29
04.29.15 | The WINs and FAILs of the Week
TEBOW TIME (AGAIN) Wednesday, April 29
Tim Tebow signed with his fourth NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, last week. Unlike the three previous acquisitions of the former Heisman Trophy winner, this latest signing was met with somewhat less enthusiasm in Jacksonville.
EMBARK Wednesday, April 29
I stepped onto the deck of the Jacksonville Water Taxi feeling right proud of my deft maneuvering when a loud, “Welcome Aboard!” stopped me. It came from a fellow slouched in the first seat, who greeted me with a big goofy grin and bright eyes shaded in oversized sunglasses. I figured him to be just another passenger; he didn’t quite have that nautical snap. Multiple strands of Mardi Gras beads dangled around his neck, partially covering the logo of a white Jacksonville Arena T-shirt, at least four sizes too big for him. On his head he’d fixed a Jacksonville Suns ball cap in primary sunny yellow, turned backwards. If we went down, I don’t think he’d be much help. He moved with the staccato push-pull of someone with cerebral palsy; the fingers of his hands were twisted permanently into his palms, like he was holding a rope.
ALEISTER CROWLEY’S GNOSTIC MASS“Kiernan, quit fiddling with your black cloak!” Although “The Great Beast” Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a pioneering occultist, …